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Directions for Daily Work

-Complete your attendance (you only need to fill it out once a day for your homeroom teacher)
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-Specials Homework is linked in the files at the bottom of the page. 

-If you have a question and need to contact me, my email is twetzel@mcmish.org. Students MUST include a parent on the email. 

-Please complete the questions for each day. Unless specified you are expected to answer the questions with COMPLETE sentences

-On your paper or google doc put the date, then answer a question. After each day skip a line.

Homework for Monday 3/30 6th Grade Go to the bottom of this page, in the document container there is a document called flow of energy in ecosystems. Open the document and read through the presentation. At the end of the presentation there are 6 questions to answer. -You can also find the pdf in google classroom if you prefer to look there.

7th Grade

1. From the all the body systems we discussed in class, what are the three most

Important systems. Why do you think this? (7-8 sentences)

2. Choose 3 pairs of systems. How do the systems in each of the pairs work together?

For example as your first pair, you might decide to explain how the respiratory system and circulatory system work together. (7-8 sentences)

-Here is the video we watched in class, you may want to watch it as a reminder of all

the body systems and jobs.


8th Grade

Watch the video about viruses and then answer the following questions (complete sentences).

1. What do all viruses have in common?

2. What is the lytic cycle? What are the steps?

3. What is the lysogenic cycle? What are the steps?

4. There is debate over whether or not viruses are considered living, but they are usually classified as non-living. Why are they considered non-living?

5. Why is it difficult to medically treat a virus?


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