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Mrs. Mynsberge 5A
Misssion Statement: 
Mishawaka Catholic School builds disciples of Jesus Christ through faith formation, academic excellence, and service to others, in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
Hello,  I am Ms. Gina Mynsberge. Welcome to the fifth grade. I am excited as this will be my twenty-first year teaching fifth grade. I have a degree in elementary education with an endorsement in reading, and I have a graduate minor in special education. Both of my children attended St. Joseph Grade School before the consolidation, and they graduated from 
Marian High School and Ball State University. My  hobbies are walking, gardening, and reading. This year I will be teaching all subjects except Social Studies as Mrs. Lehmann will teach 5th Social Studies. I believe in challenging students to problem solve as they learn. I value open communicaion, so please email me if you ever have any  questions or concerns.  
 Homework- Week of January 22, 2018

Due Monday- Science Lesson 1 Chemical and Physical Change

Due Tuesday- 195,196,198 Spelling form Reader's Notebook

Due Wednesday- "My Dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks" project-see below 

Due Thursday- Practice 7.10  2-30 evens 31-37 all

Due Friday-Spelling and vocabulary tests James Forten

My Dog is as Dirty as Smelly Socks  Due January 25th

Write a minimum of 6 lines using 6 similes to describe you, and then make a self- portrait using 4 everyday objects. Place the poem written neatly in your best handwriting outlined by a marker in the right corner. Use the remainder of the paper to make your self- collage. The paper should be filled.   Pictures may be used.  Below is part of the text from: My dog is as Smelly as Dirty Socks, by Hanoch Piven.

My Daddy is as jumpy as a Spring,

And as playful as a Spinning Top.

He is as fun as a Party Favor.

But sometimes. He’s as stubborn as a Knot in a Rope.


And what about my Mom.

My Mom is as soft as the Softest Fluff,

And as bright as the Brightest Light.

She is as tasty as the Crunchiest Cookie,

No Tastier

She’s as delicious as a Croissant.

That’s my Yummy Mommy


My older brother is as amusing as a Game of Marbles.

and as strong as a Baseball Bat.

But, when we play hide-and –seek; he’s as sneaky as a SNAKE.

Oh, and one more thing! He eats like a ……PIG!


And what about my baby brother?

He is not this quiet.

My brother is as sweet as Candy. (This is true)

But he never stops crying!

He’s as loud as a Whistle or maybe as a Horn,

Or even louder,

than an Alarm Clock, No louder.

He’s as loud as a Fire truck.

Isn’t he cute?


Well, there is soooo much I want to tell you about me.

I am a Princess as majestic as a Crown,

And as sugary as a Jelly Bean.

I am as sharp as a Pencil,

And as sparkly as a Star.

(Wait, I have more.)

I am as colorful as a Flower,

And as lovely as Perfume.

I am as strong as a Stone,

And as good as an angel.

I am as funny as a tickly feather,

And as curious as a magnifying glass.

I am faster as a calculator,

And all around, as special as

Beach glass. But more important than all of that,

My heart is BIG.

Current Newsletter


** Many students need pens and pencils for class.

**Catholic Schools Week begins with the Open House on Sunday, January 28th.

**We will be taking the NWEA test this week.

**I am having difficulty with my homework page, as when I publish the work, it does not save the page.  Please ask your child for his newsletter or assignment book.

 Religion- we will discuss 4 of the students’ favorite parables and their meaning this week. We will learn the Kingdom of God is God’s rule of peace, justice, and love that exists in heaven, but has not yet come to fullness on Earth. We will learn that the signs and wonders Jesus performed are miracles   and show the ways of God’s kingdom being established. We will learn that conversion helps a sinner change his heart.

Reading- we will read a pre-civil war story, “James Forten.”  James Forten was an astute businessman and abolitionist.

Target skill: sequence of events

Genre: biography

Essential Question: what events or feelings would lead someone to fight for freedom?

Grammar- we will begin our unit on irregular verbs.

Math-we will continue to estimate, add, and subtract fractions and mixed numbers with unlike denominators We will complete a lesson on clock fractions .We will use benchmarks to estimate fractions to see if they are closer to 0, ½ or one.


Sciencewe will complete lesson 1 comparing and contrasting chemical and physical changes. If we have time, we will begin a two-day lab on chemical and physical change.

Due Monday- Lesson One Science

Due Tuesday- Spelling pages 195,196,198

Due Wednesday- My dog is as smelly as dirty socks assignment

Due Thursday- Math evens lesson 7.10 2-30 30-37 all

Due Friday- Spelling and vocabulary tests over James Forte


** Many students need pens and pencils for class.

**Catholic Schools Week begins with the Open House on Sunday, January 28th.

 Religion- we will complete Chapter Seven titled The Living Image of Christ. story. We will review the key vocabulary words are: Incarnation, Savior, free will, and soul.

We will learn that Blessed Maria Vincenta followed Christ ad built orphanages in Coast Rica. We will complete the Chapter 7 Test and Review, and then begin Chapter 8.


Reading- we will continue our unit on the Revolutionary War and its causes. We will read, “Molly Pitcher,” who is known for bringing soldiers water on the battlefield.

Target skill: conclusions and generalizations. Students will use details that aren’t directly stated or that are generally true.

Genre: narrative nonfiction- people, things, events places are real

Essential Question: How do individual acts of bravery shape history?


Spelling- Complete pages 183,184,186


Writing- we will work on our tall tales completing a mini lesson on sentence fluency. We will write simple and compound sentences that make the story sound smoothly as they are read aloud.


Grammar- we will review naming helping verbs. We will look at regular verb patterns that change from y to i and add es.


Math- Students for the test on Thursday will be able to convert between fractions and mixed numbers, fractions and percent’s, add fractions with fraction sticks, order and compare fractions,

convert between fractions and percent’s, and make a percent circle graph.

We will add and subtract fractions with unlike diameters, and we will use the percent circle to make a pie graph.



Sciencewe will continue to learn about matter learning about dilutes, solutes, and concentrates. We will learn about the difference between a mixture and a solution.

We will have a short  20 point test on Thursday over knowing the difference between mixtures and solutions and these vocabulary words: atom, element, neutron, atom, electron, proton, dilute, saturate, concentrate, evaporation, and condensation. Students should also know  the properties of a solid, liquid, and gas. Then, we will learn about the difference between chemical and physical changes.



Due Wednesday- Spelling page 183, 184,186 Social Studies quiz over 6 words.

Due Thursday- Math and Science tests

Due Friday- Spelling and vocabulary tests over Molly Pitcher.


Writing- we will work on our tall tales completing a mini lesson on figurative language.


Grammar- we will explain figurative language and identify verb clauses with              

                         helping verbs.

Math- we will continue our fraction unit finding decimal equivalents for fractions, convert fractions to percent’s, and add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators. We will lean how to use a percent table, which is a pie graph.


Sciencewe will continue to learn about matter learning about dilutes, solutes, and concentrates. We will learn about the difference between a mixture and a solution.


Due Tuesday- 2t ic-tac Toes for “Why Can’t you make them Behave King George?’

Due Wednesday-169/170 reading workbook

Due Thursday- Worksheet on adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominator.

Due Friday- Spelling and vocabulary tests, “Can’t You Make Them Behave King George?"


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