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Mission Statement: 
Mishawaka Catholic School builds disciples of Jesus Christ through faith formation, academic excellence, and service to others, in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
Hello,  I am Ms. Gina Mynsberge. Welcome to the fifth grade. I am excited as this will be my twenty-second year teaching fifth grade. I have a degree in elementary education with a minor in French and an endorsement in Reading. I have a graduate minor in mild disabilities. Both of my children attended St. Joseph Grade School before the consolidation, and they graduated from Marian High School and Ball State University. I enjoy walking, gardening, and traveling. This year  I adopted a dog named May May, and this is the first time  ihave had a dog since childhood.
This year I will be teaching Math, Science, and Religion. I believe in challenging students to problem solve as they learn. I value open communication, so please email me if you ever have any  questions or concerns.

Current Newsletter

  Ms. Mynsberge's Newsletter Week of December 17

Math- Students next will insert zeros in the dividend when dividing with decimals and whole numbers. They will solve word problems with decimals on Tuesday. We will review for the test on Wednesday. The test is this Thursday. Learning objectives on the test will be to:  find the quotient with division patterns and decimals, estimate decimal quotients, use models to divide decimals by whole numbers and decimals by decimals, insert decimals in the dividend, insert zeros in the dividend, divide digits by one digit and two digit numbers, and solve word problems involving decimals correctly 

Science- We completed our toilet paper planet lab and students really could visualize how close the inner planets are to each other, while the outer planets are much more distant from each other. Next week we will only have Science on Monday due to special events. We will learn about comets, asteroids, meteors, and meteorites.

Religion- we will study the section on Christmas instead of beginning a new chapter. We will learn Christmas is the season of love.  We will learn the feasts of the Christmas season include the nativity of Jesus starting with the Christmas Eve Vigil.  After Christmas Day, the Feast of the Holy Family is celebrated. Mary, the Mother of God, is honored on January 1. The Solemnity of the Epiphany tells the story of how the Magi search for God’s manifestation through the Christ Child, and they bring gifts to honor him. And lastly, the feast of Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River is celebrated.

Have a blessed Christmas 

Thank you for the gift of your child.

Homework Week of December 17:

Due Tuesday-345-346

Due Wednesday- 353-5-9  and Advent Angel. Students form both classes are to color an Advent Angel and write one good deed they did to help at home.

Due Thursday- Social Studies test and Math test.



ere will be a Unit Two test today. Next, we begin a Unit on Advent. As an Advent service project, we will decorate boxes for the St. Vincent DePaul society. Next, we will make an Advent wreath learning about the symbolization of the Advent wreath. The wreath is in the form of a circle representing God’s eternity. The evergreen represents continuous life. The three purple candles represent prayer, penance, and the sacrifice of good work to help others. The rose colored candle is lit on Gaudete Sunday to rejoice the Christmas is almost here. 

Math- we will have both an online and written Math test beginning next Tuesday. Chapter 7 focuses on estimating and solving quotients with decimals.  So, we will use compatible numbers to estimate decimals and use models to divide decimals.

Science- we will continue our astronomy unit by making a slide presentation on the 8 planets and the International Space Station. We will focus on the day and year length of the planet, as well as the size and composition of the planet. Students will learn how many moons their planet has, and add three pictures and three interesting facts about the planet they have been assigned.



Newsletter October 29th


**October 31- STARBASE

**November 1st Faith Family Day- All Saints Day at St. Joseph Campus

*November 13th Field trip to Snite Museum of Art and South Bend Museum of Art   from 9:30 to 12:30. We will need drivers and chaperones. We will need drivers.

and chaperones.

Religion- The students will know that God is with them and they need to be reverent to show they care about God and love him. Students will learn to be reverent during the Liturgy of the Mass. Vocabulary words this week are reverence, worship, and liturgy. Our door with Saint Padre Pio done entirely by the students is most beautiful. I thank Emily Callan for her leadership with this project. Students will be asked to know about their saint as doors are judged, so I gave them ten facts to know about Padre Pio and we will have a quiz next week on the facts.

Math- I only see the students 3 times this week due to STARBASE and Faith Family Day and DARE, so I gave homework during the weekend. I ask parents to please sign your child’s planner each evening to encourage homework to be completed. I am going to send out more REMIND messages about homework. I am also giving out homework geared towards the class weaknesses on the NWEA report. SO this week, we will work on Algebra and Data Analysis standards.

This week we will use models to multiply decimals by decimals for two lessons, and students will place the decimal correctly in the product. Students will also use estimation and place value to multiply decimals.

Science- we will add decomposers, scavengers, and isopods to our terrarium and make observations on them. So, we will add red worms, crickets, and roly pollies.

decomposers. We also have an Indiana Invasive Species sheet to complete in the computer room.

God bless you. Thank you for the gift of your child.

Ms. Mynsberge


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