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Mission Statement: 
Mishawaka Catholic School builds disciples of Jesus Christ through faith formation, academic excellence, and service to others, in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
Hello,  I am Ms. Gina Mynsberge. Welcome to the fifth grade. I am excited as this will be my twenty-second year teaching fifth grade. I have a degree in elementary education with a minor in French and an endorsement in Reading. I have a graduate minor in mild disabilities. Both of my children attended St. Joseph Grade School before the consolidation, and they graduated from Marian High School and Ball State University. I enjoy walking, gardening, and traveling.
This year I will be teaching Math, Science, and Religion. I believe in challenging students to problem solve as they learn. I value open communication, so please email me if you ever have any  questions or concerns.

Current Newsletter September 24

Upcoming events
October 1- Faith Family Day at St. Monica Campus
October 2- School Safety discussion with Father Jacob
October 3- Field trip to STARBASE. Each student needs a sack lunch and a drink.
October 10 STARBASE Field trip.
5th Math
This week we will solve multi-step word problems and review for the Unit 3 test. 
Skills tested are adding and subtracting decimals using estimation, checking by addition. We will use order of operations to find sums and differences, and use compensation and the associative and commutative properties.
We will then begin Chapter Four studying multiplication patterns. We will begin to use Rocket Math to review multiplication.
5th Science
We will complete our booklet on types of biomes focusing on the aquatic biomes of Deep Ocean, Tropical Ocean, and Rivers and Lakes. We will evaluate how we used the design process to redesign our solar cookers. We will relate concepts of insulation, convection, and sing the sunlight to harness energy. The top solar cooker 
had a temperature of one hundred forty - one degrees, when the air temperature was 87 outdoors.
Religion 5.2 - we will complete our mural over signs and miracles sent form God, then begin to complete a study guide for Unit 1. We will have the Unit 1 test on Thursday. The test is written from the study guide. Students need to know definitions for: Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, Providence, stewardship, Religion, Grace, Faith, Messiah, Covenant, Seven Sacraments, and Signs from God.
Have a great week. Thank you for the gift of your child.

  Homework:  Week of September Twenty-Fourth

Due Monday Math 5.1- pages 99-100   5.2 117-118 
Due Tuesday123-124 
Due Wednesday-  p. 125 Performance task 5.2 study Religion
Due Thursday- 131-132 Religion test Unit 1 5.2 Math test Unit 3
Due Friday133 –134


September 17

Newsletter September 17-21


Important Dates


**Progress Reports went home on September 14. Please contact us if you have any questions.

***There is a Faith Family Day October 1st at the St. Bavo Campus

***STARBASE begins on October 3rd.



This week we will work on using several different methods to add and subtract decimals. First, we will continue to make models that show borrowing and carrying by using both base ten blocks and drawing pictures. Next, we will use the associative and commutative properties and regroup to add decimals with compatible numbers. Next, we will use order of operations to add decimal expressions.


Religion- we will complete Chapter 3 on Wednesday learning how God used powerful signs to communicate with people. We will make a mural of some of the powerful signs like the parting of the Red Sea, the great flood, the burning bush, the plagues of Egypt, Etc. We will learn that God used a covenant as a sign.  A covenant is a sacred promise or agreement between God and humans.  Students will learn the outward signs of the Seven Sacraments and how God’s actions are found in the Seven Sacraments.



We will continue an Ecosystems Unit first concentrating on the types of land and water biomes. We will learn the importance of both living and nonliving objects and organisms in ecosystems learning how both are interdependent. We will go to the website and make a booklet each day over two biomes. We will name and draw typical plants and animals of each biome, and we will list two plant and animal adaptations of the biome. We will give locations, precipitation, and temperature of each biome. We will focus on tropical rainforest, temperate deciduous forest, grasslands, tundra, and desert this week. If we have time, we will begin tropical oceans.

God bless you. Thank you for the gift of your child.

Ms. Mynsberge

Homework week of September 17

Due Tuesday- pages 99-100

Due Wednesday- pages 103-104 if needed

Due Thursday- Science- work on a biome of your choice on either rivers and streams or temperate ocean

Due Friday- Apply and Practice pages111-112

Due Monday- 115-116


Important Dates

** Paperwork for STARBASE Indiana was due today.

**DARE begins September 13th. The 5th grade class is together for DARE.

**Progress Reports go home on September 14.

***There is a Faith Family Day October 1st at the St. Bavo Campus 


Math- This week we will review for the test on Monday using pages 79-80 and an additional worksheet. Students should use these pages to study for the test.Students will be test over knowing the Associative Property of Addition, The Multiplication Properties of 0 and 1, he Commutative Property, and the Distributive Property.  Students should be able to write and solve expressions using the order of operations and parentheses.  Next, we will use rounding to estimate sums and differences, use models to add and subtract decimals, then add decimals and use estimation to see if sums are reasonable

Religion- we will complete the Chapter 2 test as an open book test in class. We will then make an St, Augustine bookmark. Students will then move to Chapter 3 titled Signs of God’s Presence.  They are told signs help them remember God’s presence, and they should be attentive to God’s powerful signs. One of the signs we will talk about is the story of the Burning Bush.


We will begin an Ecosystems Unit first concentrating on the types of land and water biomes. We will learn the importance of both living and nonliving objects and organisms in ecosystems learning how both are interdependent. We will read Lesson One Chapter 5 in our book focusing on the terms ecosystem, populations, community, and niche. We will learn about the plants and animals in the Tropical Rainforest and Grassland ecosystems

May God bless you. Thank you for the gift of your child.

Ms. Mynsberge 

Homework week of September 10 

Due Tuesday-Math test

Due Thursday- Apply and Practice pages 87-88

Due Friday- Apply and Practice pages 93-94

Due Monday-Apply and Practice pages 99-100.

  September 4, 2018

Math- This week students will learn about the commutative, associative, and distributive  properties. They will also learn the  addition property of zero  and multiplication property of zero and one. We will focus on learning vocabulary during this lesson of the different terms used for the four operations of adding, subtracting, multiplication, and division.
We will next  go into our algebra standards learning the order of operations. We will evaluate expressions with parentheses and use grouping symbols to solve expressions.
Religion- We will continue to study Chapter 2  with our objective being longing for God leads to true happiness.Our key vocabulary words are: grace, Religion, faith, and Messiah. We will read the story of the Woman at the Well where Jesus tells her," If you knew who was asking you for a drink, you would have asked him, as he would give you living water." Here we learn about the mercy  and healing of God to a sinner and his love. Through his love, we receive grace.
Science- We will only have Science three days due to NWEA testing.
We will complete our solar cookers, and redesign them if we had the opportunity to place them outside on a sunny day. As part of the Design Process, we will evaluate our design,  and rebuild our model to gain more heat. We will communicate what needed to be done to improve the design.
Again, if it is sunny, we will draw and measure  our shadows as we meet the standard of representing data with graphical displays revealing patterns of change and direction of the shadow. 
Dates to Remember:
September 10- STARBASE information for both classes will be due next Monday. Packets will be sent home Wednesday as will information about the need for transportation of the students each Wednesday in October, and the first Wednesday in November.  This STEAM experience takes place at a military base, and information must be returned on a timely basis in order to complete student information and  background checks for chaperones. We may have up to 2 additional chaperones each day. Drivers however, may just drop off and pick up students.
September 14- Progress reports will go home.


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