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Mrs. Mynsberge 5A
Mission Statement: 
Mishawaka Catholic School builds disciples of Jesus Christ through faith formation, academic excellence, and service to others, in accordance with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.
Hello,  I am Ms. Gina Mynsberge. Welcome to the fifth grade. I am excited as this will be my twenty-first year teaching fifth grade. I have a degree in elementary education with a minor in French and an endorsement in Reading. I have a graduate minor in mild disabilities. Both of my children attended St. Joseph Grade School before the consolidation, and they graduated from Marian High School and Ball State University. I enjoy walking, gardening, and traveling.
This year I will be teaching all subjects except Social Studies as Mrs. Lehmann will teach 5th Social Studies. I believe in challenging students to problem solve as they learn. I value open communication, so please email me if you ever have any  questions or concerns.


Current Newsletter

School Illustrated       May 29-June 1

   Important Dates:

**We go to Central Park June 5

**Field Day is June 7th.

** AR points are due June 1st.


This Week in Academics:


Religion- we will complete Chapter 16 Gathered as One. We will learn about the real presence is a phrase used to teach us that Jesus Christ is really and truly with us in the Eucharist- Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity. We will review that the Mass is central to Catholic life.  Christ is present in the assembly, the priest, the Word of God, and the Eucharist during Mass.


Reading- we will complete Sounder and Rascal.

Focus Skills- we will study the sequence of events and how a character’s actions affect the plot.

Rascal- we will talk about the major theme of the transcendence of friendship.

Sounder-we will discuss universal symbolism in the book and the themes of friendship, and the importance of education. We will further look into stream of consciousness in literature.


Vocabulary: we will have a vocabulary test over both novels on Friday


Grammar- we will look at the usage of pronouns.


Writing- the informational paper is due on Wednesday.


Math- we will have a review and test over Unit 7. We will review parentheses in number sentences, order of operations, and  making line graphs. We will review using negative numbers by comparing and ordering negative numbers. Next, we will learn how to calculate the surface area of a solid, and use multiplication rules to find probability.


Science- we will read about galaxies.  We will learn how most galaxies are spiral, and that elliptical galaxies are smaller. Irregular galaxies are just forming. We will have a project assessment making a map of the sun. We will have a test on Thursday over Chapter 16. Students will design their own constellation.  Students should study the vocabulary in their notebook, and they have a study guide for the test already.


May God bless you and your family.

 Thank-you for the gift of your child.

Ms. Mynsberge

Homework Week of May 29

Due Wednesday- Informational paper. Requirements for the paper are on my homework page and are attached here.

Due Thursday- Science test Chapter 16.

Due Friday- vocabulary test and spelling test for either Sounder or Rascal

Informational paper:

A cover page with title centered and my name, class name (Language Arts), and date on bottom right hand corner.
A minimum of 6 paragraphs.
Paragraph one should have a thesis.
Two transition words are needed like: next, furthermore, now, moreover, in addition to, etc.
The paper needs to be written in the student’s own words.
The conclusion should have the words: In conclusion,
The thesis should be restated, and the student should give an opinion of the artist’s or composer’s work.

7. A bibliography page with 3 citations. They may cite Rascal or Sounder, as I needed them to learn how to cite a book.

School Illustrated       May 21-25

   Important Dates:

** Please attend the Saint Joseph Fine Arts Fair on Tuesday.

Students will give a concert at 6:30.

This Week in Academics:

Religion- we will complete the Unit 5 Review. There will be a quiz on Thursday over the signs and effects of the Sacraments of Initiation and Healing.  Students should know the signs and effects for Baptism, Reconciliation and Penance, Confirmation, Penance and Reconciliation, and Anointing of the Sick

Reading- we will have one group continuing to read Rascal, by Sterling North.

The other group will read Sounder, by William Armstrong. So, homework will be different this week. We will write and illustrate picture poem on Monday.

Focus Skills- Sounder- noting details cause and effect.

Writing- we will complete writing the final paragraph of our informational paper. We will rephrase the topic sentence and add an opinion to the final paragraph. We will make a bibliography and a cover page.


Math- we will continue to compare and order negative and positive numbers. We will determine patterns for adding and subtracting negative numbers, and we will make line plots.


Science- we will learn about the life of stars and the sun. We will learn our sun is explosive as we study prominences, sunspots, and solar flares.

We will learn about elliptical, irregular, and spiral galaxies. We will learn that constellations differ in the northern and Southern Hemispheres.

May God bless you and your family.

 Thank-you for the gift of your child.

Ms. Mynsberge


Homework Week of May 21-25.

Due Tuesday – complete and illustrate picture poem

Due Wednesday: Sounder -7 questions Rascal complete reading Chapter 3

Due Thursday- Religion quiz

Due Friday -spelling vocab test Sounder

Rascal- complete vocab sentences week 2 Rascal.



















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