K-8 Tuition

2019-2020 Tuition Information


1 Child – $4,170.00      2 Children – $6,545.00      3 or more Children – $8,545.00


Non-Parishioners - $5,900.00

Fees - $300.00 per child    HASA Fees: $50.00 per family
Registration - $50.00 per child (due at time of registration)




Tuition and fees will be combined and paid through the FACTS system.      

There will be an additional 
fee charged by FACTS that is not a part of these numbers.

The cost to educate one student at Mishawaka Catholic is $6,529.00.


PARISHIONERS*                                               Annually

Grade K thru 8

1 Child (tuition, fees, and HASA)                        $4,520.00

2 Children (tuition and fees)                                $7,195.00

3 or more Children (tuition and fees)                  $9,495.00


NON-PARISHIONERS                                        Annually

Grade K thru 8 (per child)

(tuition, fees, and HASA)                                     $6,250.00

(tuition and fees for additional child)                    $6,200.00


*Active Registered Parishioners shall be defined by the pastor and the definition should include parish membership registration, Sunday Mass attendance, and regular parish financial support.  

·       The parish, according to its ability, may provide an Active Registered Parishioner discount.

·       Active Registered Parishioner tuition rates restricted to Active Registered Parishioners.

·       Active parishioner status should be verified using the diocesan Active Registered Parishioner Verification Form.

·       Any Family that does not meet the definition of Active Registered Parishioner shall normally be charged the full Cost Per Pupil for each child as tuition. If a school wishes to charge less than full cost for these pupils, it must have the approval of the pastor and parish finance council.

(Diocesan Policy P5120, September 2014)

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